Own land
In Decentribes, every part of the world and every in-game item is truly owned by the players.
The game features blockchain technology, which gives players the ability to claim and collect digital assets and store them in a secure wallet.
All Items and Land are initially tradable on OpenSea.
Create your avatar
Before visiting land, players create an avatar from a selection of default clothing and hairstyles.
Avatars lives and breathes in the digital world of Decentribes, and is linket to a wallet and controlled by the owner in realtime.
Harvest resources
Once a day every land will spawn a random set of resources.
As a landowner, you'll be able to visit your land and harvest those in return for materials of different rarities.
Land features 4 types of resources: Trees, Ores, Plants and Ocean Life.
Build a home
Combine materials to create building blocks, wearables, furniture and consumable items.
Save items in your wallet and use them to build a home, decorate land or give your avatar unique equipment and outfits.
Got an excess of specific materials? Sell or gift them to another player in need.
Visit friends and strangers around the planet to hang out, chat and show-off your collectibles.
The game combines the capabilities of WebSockets, WebGL and on-chain NFT ownership, to create an interconnected 3D digital world in the browser, where players truly own their items.
Get rewarded
Decentribes will have its own ERC-20 token, which will be used as payment when players trade materials and items in the game.
A portion of the token supply will be reserved for an in-game reward system.
By playing the game and completing tasks, players will be rewarded along the way.
  • Technological Foundation
  • Initial Artwork and 3D Game Assets
  • In-house Prototype
  • ERC-721 Contract on Mainnet
  • Website with Polygon Integration
  • Founders Planet Land Sale
  • Initiate Core Game Development
Phase 1Q4 2021
  • Expansion of Brand Design
  • Refactor Website from Scratch
  • Prepare Infrastructure for Player Interaction
  • Promotional Material and Partnerships
  • Founders can Name their Land on the Land Map
  • Anyone can Preview and Orbit Founders Land in-game
  • More Info on Founders Rewards
  • Further Core Game Development
Phase 2Q1 2022
  • Owners of Land can Create an Avatar
  • Avatars can Visit Land, Explore, Chat and Interact with other Avatars in Realtime
  • Start Rewarding Founders on-chain with Initial Founders Items
  • Further Core Game Development
Phase 3Q2 2022
  • ERC-20 Contract Planning, Development and Deployment
  • Outline Token ICO Details and Distribution
  • Start Development of in-game Market and Token Utility
  • Further Core Game Development
Phase 4Q3 2022
  • Owners of Land can Start Harvesting Resources
  • First Iteration of Crafting Items from Resources
  • First Iteration of Building on Land with Materials
  • Launch ICO
  • More to be announced...
Phase 5Q4 2022
Disclaimer: Due to the nature of the blockchain industry and software development in general, all schedules are estimates and subject to change. While we strive to meet expectations, some features require heavy reviewing and we first and foremost want to keep all participants as safe as possible in this journey together.
Founders Land?
Owning Land is required to harvest resources, craft and build in Decentribes.
Founders Land is the first type of Land available, and a way for early adopters to help fund the development in return for exclusive items, a share of the upcoming Token and a permanent 5% boost in Land Resources.

There will be a maximum of 1000 Founders Land available ever, which is written into the contract on-chain. New planets without the Founders rewards may arrive in the future, but none are planned at this time.

To create the most fair circumstances for players we have held no private sale, in fact no pre-sale of any kind to any form of investor. We have reserved 2 pieces of Founders Land strictly for game development purpose, and 3 pieces for future promotional giveaways.
The rest is available to everyone.
Decentribes is deployed to Polygon for fast transaction speed and low gas fees, while still maintaining the ability for users to trade hasslefree on OpenSea - the highly popular NFT marketplace.
Land Price?
1 Founders Land costs 120 MATIC to mint which is approximately NaN ETH, and will be available for trading on OpenSea immediately after purchase.
Decentribes will have its own in-game Marketplace in the future, but until then every land and item which has been minted will be tradable on OpenSea for Polygon ETH, which can be bridged to the ethereum network and vice versa directly on OpenSea.
Release date?
Owners of land will be able to participate regularly in upcoming play tests throughout the development cycles of the game. First play tests are scheduled to be available in Q1/Q2 2022.
An ERC-20 token is scheduled for release in 2022.
The token will have utility as payment for off-chain as well as on-chain services, such as renaming land, avatars, crafting and trading.

Some of the payment for such services will act as a fee getting redistributed to active players and holders of land through the reward system, thus incentivizing users to play the game and acquire ownership of game assets.

Rasmus Knudsen, CEO

Software Engineer

All design and development on the Game, Website and Smart Contracts are done at our office in Scandinavia.

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Decentribes is a social MMO built on the Polygon Blockchain, running directly in the browser.
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