What is Decentribes?

Games and Blockchain

Recent studies show that gamers spent $92.6 billion on microtransactions in 2020 alone.
Microtransactions in traditional games works in a centralized manner, where players essentially rent digital items with no control over future availability from the company, and no guaranteed ability to transfer or re-sell.

By utilizing blockchain technology, the traditional centralized data-source for game assets such as items and land, can now be expanded to a decentralized environment, where players retain ownership and gain full control over their digital items.


Decentribes is an upcoming social MMO built on the Polygon blockchain.
Players start by owning a piece of the limited amount of land on a planet, which is represented as an NFT (Non-fungible token) and is kept in a secure wallet such as MetaMask.

Players can then sign in with their wallet as identification, and create a digital avatar which will be linked to the players wallet.
Avatars are 3D digital characters who can visit land on planets, and is controlled by mouse and keyboard in a fully 3D environment.

Owners of land will be able to sign in once a day and harvest randomized resources, which can be saved to the players wallet in the same manner as land.

By combining specific resources, players will be able to create a wide range of utility and cosmetic items as well as building blocks in the game, while completing tasks to increase the quality of their land.

All items and land residing in a wallet is fully controlled by the player, and can be traded on our own future market or external markets with no relation to our company like OpenSea.


There's currently only one planet in Decentribes which is Founders Planet.
By claiming a Land on Founders Planet, players can become early adopters of very limited and exclusive land and items, and at the same time help the development of the game.

Some of the exclusive Founders rewards includes:

  • · Limited land of only 1000 pieces.
  • · 5% permanent boost to Resource Growth.
  • · Early drops of limited Founders Items.
  • · A fair share of the upcoming ERC-20 token.

Stay tuned for more info!

Decentribes is a social MMO built on the Polygon Blockchain, running directly in the browser.
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